New students for 2018-19 can click on this link to find out more about online confirmation
The HCT welcomes all new students to the Fall Orientation, starting on August 28, 2018. Your future starts here!
HCT wishes you a blessed and peaceful Eid Al Adha
“The real wealth is hard work that benefits the person and the community. It is immortal and eternal, and forms the value of the human and the nation
HCT is a leader in educational technology integration and is moving towards a paper-less learning environment
HCT has over 60,000 graduates who are making important contributions to the UAE in many fields of industry and throughout society
HCT fosters within its students a great pride, devotion and appreciation for the UAE, their local communities and Emirati culture and heritage
HCT’s 17 campuses are active contributors to, and partners with, the local communities they serve
The HCT provides a rich and diverse foundation for student development and growth, and awareness and appreciation of international communities