HCT Celebrates the UAE’s 46th National Day

Around the country over 23,000 HCT students will join with faculty members and staff to participate in some of the most comprehensive National Day celebrations. HCT students, faculty and staff are celebrating the UAE’s 46th National Day as a unified community and give thanks, blessings and well-wishes on such an important occasion.

The HCT campuses will showcase the educational excellence that is achieved in the various academic disciplines – displaying students’ projects, research, innovations, artwork and achievements as tangible signs of the successes achieved in the colleges’ classrooms, laboratories and facilities, facilitated by HCT’s hands-on and technology-focused approaches to higher education.

In addition, the colleges will this year again strongly highlight Emirati culture and heritage through displays, performances, food, demonstrations and students’ handiwork; all surrounded by the colours of the UAE national flag and with the central theme of the HCT celebrations being education, learning, heritage and national pride.

The colleges will be the centre of a wide range of action, fun activities and interactive demonstrations at the colleges throughout the week of November 26-29, 2017 which lead up to leading up to December 2, 2017, the 46th anniversary of the seven Emirates forging into one united, dynamic nation.

The colleges will host national cooking demonstrations, children’s activities, quizzes, time capsules, sporting events and games; heritage, cultural and historic displays; traditional arts, crafts, games and fashions; car decorating, posters, poetry, photography exhibitions, parades, music, dancing exhibitions, movies, colourful decorations, marching bands, community engagement, Arabic lessons and much more.

The HCT family will join together to demonstrate their pride, loyalty and commitment for the nation. The variety of cultural, educational and sporting events will showcase the diversity of the UAE and the best aspects of the Higher Colleges of Technology.

As the HCT community will celebrate Emirati traditions and culture it will also look to the future incorporating new ideas and innovations which characterise the United Arab Emirates as a dynamic,secure and rapidly growing 21st century global society.