The HCT Advantage


HCT is committed to maintaining the highest quality in all its programmes, and has a rigorous Program Quality Assurance System (PQAS) in place for this purpose. As part of the PQAS, the HCT Learning Model defines eight graduate outcomes which are to be achieved through each programme, and these are evaluated annually. HCT places a strong emphasis on international accreditation and benchmarking of professional programmes.

Enhanced learning

New skills and teaching techniques are regularly incorporated into the colleges’ programmes and courses. All students learn in a technologically sophisticated educational environment that encourages development of the independent and life-long learning skills necessary for success in a fast changing world. At all HCT colleges the emphasis is on student-centered, hands-on or applied, technology enabled and workplace relevant teaching-learning practices.

In order to enhance students’ learning, promote the achievement of HCT’s learning outcomes and to meet the UAE’s workforce needs, the HCT’s academic programmes have been reviewed to ensure they emphasize an industry-relevant approach to learning. All HCT academic programmes include courses that actively involve students in active, experiential learning, as well as field or work experience and a capstone course. Furthermore, all teaching and learning practices are aligned to the HCT Learning Model and to the course learning outcomes.

The HCT has integrated the use of mobile learning technologies for its students across many disciplines and faculties, including the Foundations programmes, as a consequence of a Federal Mobile Learning Initiative which was launched in September 2012. That Initiative aims to transform the HCT’s classrooms and firmly embed the HCT’s teaching and learning models in 21st century learning processes.

Students will find new ways of learning that recognizes their aptitude for mobile learning by making their higher education experiences more effective, rewarding, hands-on and fun – and all at their fingertips.

Through the power of these mobile tablet technologies, both teacher and student will be able to bring the world into the classroom and break down the virtual walls of the classroom, providing students with a truly holistic and heuristic education experience. Importantly, students will become co-creators of their own learning environment through collaborations with their peers and faculty.

Programmes in English

More than 40 programmes are delivered in English under the following Divisions: Applied Communications; Business; Education; Engineering Technology; Health Sciences; and Computer Information Science. All programmes are designed in consultation with business and industry leaders to ensure that the skills students learn are job-relevant and to high standards. A General Studies programme is also offered to assist students in their Mathematics, English and Computer Literacy studies, as well as some Humanities and Social Science studies. A Foundations programme is provided to support students needing assistance in meeting Bachelor degree admission requirements.


HCT graduates have developed a reputation throughout the UAE for their technical and communications skills and for their adaptability to actual workplace conditions. Because of this, HCT graduates are eagerly sought by organizations looking to build their workforce with young Emiratis who are capable of operating effectively in today’s global business environment. HCT has transformed thousands of lives, with over 60,000 alumni now working in all facets of UAE society as nation builders.

A mix of theory and practice

All students must undertake a period of work experience, internship or practicum in order to graduate from the Applied Diploma or Bachelor programmes.

Industry links

Strong ties to business and industry result in large numbers of HCT graduates finding rewarding employment. Many organizations have entered into partnerships with the HCT to provide training and development programmes – these include Department of Health and Medical Services – Dubai, UAE Armed Forces, Abu Dhabi Police Force, Standard Chartered Bank, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation and the Sheikh Khalifa Funds through SME training, to name just a few. Industry links have led to the establishment of HCT’s commercial arm, the Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training. The Centre is involved in strategic alliances with a number of multinational organizations to collaborate on a full range of business and technology solutions.

Global awareness: events, conferences and exchanges

The HCT places significant emphasis on preparing students for a globalised workplace. Students are provided with opportunities to become conversant with international best practices in their professions and understanding of other cultures. International conferences, such as Education Without Borders and Festival of Thinkers have been organised by HCT to meet this objective. The individual colleges also organise and host a number of international conferences and forums across a variety of fields, which are relevant to the HCT’s core academic Divisions. Furthermore, HCT has entered into agreements with several institutions around the world to send students to different countries for work experience, language training and cultural visits. In recognition of its commitment to global awareness and social responsibility, the HCT has been made a member of the United Nations Academic-Impact.