Deputy Vice Chancellor, Strategy and Communications

Dr. Addel Omar Al Ameri

Dr Addel Al Ameri is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Communications and Strategy at the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), and the Director of the HCT-Abu Dhabi and Khalifa City Women’s Colleges. Dr Al Ameri commenced these appointments in August 2015.

Prior to these appointments Dr Al Ameri was the Managing Director of the Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI), which he held from May 2011 to August 2015.

In his role at ADVETI Dr Al Ameri provided leadership and management direction to all of ADVETI’s activities, particularly in the specific areas of academic affairs, administrative and operations which are aligned to the organization’s vision and mission.

Prior to working at ADVETI Dr Al Ameri’s career has been highlighted by various senior planning, training, development and management positions at a number of organisations and institutions including the Western Region Municipality, the Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council and the Higher Colleges of Technology.

Throughout his career Dr Al Ameri’s professional focus has been in the fields of talent development, performance management and strategic planning in order to contribute to the success of the relevant organization.

Dr Al Ameri holds a PhD in Operations Research and an MSc in Airport Development and Management from the Florida Institute of Technology, USA and a BSc in Management of Technical Operations from the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USA.


The Division of Strategy & Communications is comprised of three departments – the Department of Strategic Planning and Performance; the Department of Partnership Management and the Department of Communications.

The Department of Strategic Planning & Performance is responsible for all matters pertaining to the future planning, directions and performance of the HCT on a system-wide basis, including the implementation, adoption and dissemination of the HCT 2.0 initiative, both internally and externally to HCT, as well as the HCT vision, mission, values and goals.

The central Communication Department’s role is to promote a strong and effective internal and external organizational identity for the Higher Colleges of Technology, as well as to plan and implement coordinated communication, public relations and marketing strategies which are used internally and externally and which promote, disseminate and highlight the activities, events and milestones of HCT.

It is also designed to assist with the effective communication path between HCT’s various departments, divisions and offices and the HCT Campuses, as well as assisting the Campuses with various communication and marketing strategies.

The department’s core business areas include marketing, advertising, public & media relations, graphics and printing, web design and management, social media, event management and collateral management.

The centralized Partnerships Management Department was created as a direct result of the HCT2.0 Strategic Plan, to develop and manage key relationships that will allow HCT to meet its sponsorship and graduate employability goals.

There are three sections within the department – Industry Relations, Educational Relations and Professional Certification. The centralized nature of the department allows for a system-wide, value-added approach to engage with employers, High Schools, universities and professional bodies.

As part of its core business the Partnerships Management Department acts as a catalyst to build industry recognized frameworks, as well as undertaking market analysis and evaluations that inform the senior leadership of HCT. It reviews and monitors Memoranda of Understanding agreements that HCT enters into, in order to coordinate the implementation of projects with internal and external stakeholders.