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HCT News provides readers with news and stories about what is happening on the 17 campuses within the HCT system, from student success stories, new programmes and general achievements. To read more about what is happening on and around HCT campuses please visit HCT News website.

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HCT Events provides details of the many and various activities, events, celebrations, workshops and conferences happening at the HCT campuses throughout the year. To find out more about what is happening at the HCT campuses please visit HCT Events website.

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HCT produces many videos on a wide range of topics for training, educational, marketing and promotional purposes. To view the HCT videos please visit the HCT Videos page.

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HCT maintains a presence on many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. To find out what is happening on HCT’s social media sites please click on the following links:

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A key function of the HCT Communications Department is to respond to media inquiries, requests for comments or interviews relating to issues relevant to the HCT’s operations.

Please note that any interviews, visits to HCT campuses or facilities, filming or photography by media outlets or representatives must firstly be approved by the HCT Communications Department.

For any inquiries, requests or to arrange visits please contact the Communications Department by using the online contact form and clicking on the Media Relations option in the Enquiry section.