Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs (AA) provides academic leadership; academic policy and planning guidance; coordination and evaluation of instructional programmes and processes; sets academic standards and assessment; and provides learning resources in support of the implementation of the Higher Colleges of Technology’s academic programmes.

Academic Divisions

The newly created positions of Executive Deans provide academic leadership to ensure the highest quality of  teaching, learning, evaluation and assessment is maintained. The Executive Deans manage the academic resources in their respective Divisions to support all HCT campuses and the College directors, who are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the individual colleges. The Executive Deans maintain and enhance the HCT’s learner-centred environment in the following Divisions:

Teaching and Learning Department

The Teaching and Learning Department consists of four teams – Professional Development and Practice, Curriculum Development, Educational Technology and Library Technical Services. Together these teams provide support for HCT’s pursuit of academic excellence in the following areas:

  • Providing a comprehensive range of professional development opportunities that focus on the student learning experience;
  • Curriculum system management, including supporting training, design and development;
  • Co-creation of educational resources and the training of faculty in the effective use of a wide range of educational technologies; and
  • Managing and maintaining all Library systems to ensure that students and faculty have access to resources and training they need to support learning and teaching.

The Teaching and Learning Department also provides:

  • Extensive professional development for new Emirati faculty, including guiding and supporting the HCT 170@17 Mentoring programme;
  • Advice and support for the scholarship of teaching and learning; and
  • Input and assistance by initiating and contributing to a wide variety of educational initiatives including the eTextbook management, the academic catalogue, and active support and advice for ensuring academic quality at HCT.