Information for Applicants

Students Applying from High School

Current-year secondary school students in government and private schools must apply via their schools to the Admissions and Student Counselling Department.

National Service Students:

High school graduates of the year 2017-2018 who enrolled in the National Service Program in August 2018 must submit their applications for the Spring semester 2019-2020 through the Ministry of Education website

All other applicants

Applicants who completed high school in previous years are required to apply online through this link:


National students and sons/daughters of National mothers may transfer from UAEU or Zayed University to HCT during the fall and spring semesters, depending on the number of seats allocated for this category in the admissions policy, and in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. The student must be of good academic standing.
  2. The student must not have received any academic warnings or penalty (academic dismissal).
  3. The student must have completed all the Foundations courses and joined the academic program of choice prior to transfer  Or the student completed all levels of the English language and obtained EmSAT-English >= 1100 or equivalent.
  4. The student will be considered among P1 category if the period of interruption of studies in UAEU or Zayed University does not exceed academic year.

For transfer students from other higher education institutions and ZU/UAEU students who are inactive for more than one academic year, their applications will be reviewed and they will be categorized as P2 or P3 students, depending on the year of high school graduation. Their acceptance will be dependent on the capacity of HCT and preferential criteria for this category in the admissions policy.

Transfer students are required to apply online through the below link, making sure to upload a copy of official transcripts, with course descriptions, from the previous government or private institution:

More Information

For more information about admission at the Higher Colleges of Technology, please contact Academic Services at your nearest college, or visit the Admissions and Student Counselling Department website.

Documents Required: 

All applicants must complete the required data on the application form. The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Copy of valid passport, including the unified number page.
  2. Copy of a valid Emirates ID / UAE identity card (front and back)
  3. Copy of birth certificate.
  4. Recent passport size photograph.
  5. True copy of grade 12 certificate (High School Certificate).
  6. An equivalent certificate is required for private schools that do not follow the UAE government curriculum.
  7. Copy of National ID/Family book – Father & Student page (for local students only).
  8. Completion or Exemption letter from National Military service (for local Male students only)
  9. Copy of mother’s valid passport, mother’s nationality ID/Family book and mother’s valid Emiratis ID (for children of national mothers).
  10. EmSAT-English >= 1100 or equivalent.
  11. Copy of official transcripts, with course descriptions, from the previous government or private institution (for transfer students).
  12. A letter from the Employer stating that the applicant is working, and whether or not his /her tuition fees will be covered by Employer/organization (for employed applicants).
  13. Declaration from the unemployed applicants mentioning that he/she is not working.
  14. A written statement from the Human Resources Department in the HCT to demonstrate that one parent is a faculty member at the HCT (For Self-Sponsored Sons and Daughters of HCT Employees only).