What is the CEPA English scores required for admission into the Applied Diploma programs?

A CEPA English score of 160 is required

Do I need IELTS to join HCT? What is the band required?

For entry into all Bachelor programmes students require an IELTS band 5 to join the first year of any particular programme.  However, students who want to join a Bachelor of Engineering programme have to meet the Mathematics requirement before they join the first year of a particular engineering course.

Students who do not have an IELTS band but have a CEPA score of 150 can join the Foundations Programme

After applying to HCT, how can I know if I get accepted or not?

When admission offers are made by HCT you will receive and SMS and the relevant Academic Services Department will contact you to confirm your acceptation of the offer.

When is the last day for me to apply?

You should check the dates for deadlines on the admissions webpage of the HCT website

I was studying in another federal institution for example ZU or UAEU, can I transfer to HCT?

Yes you can, but you have to be of good academic standing.  We don’t accept students under academic probation or who have been dismissed for academic reasons from other federal institutions

Do you accept non- national students?

HCT only offers higher education to Nationals and Mother Nationals

Do you offer evening classes?  What are the timings? What majors are available in the afternoon and evening?

Yes we do, in most campuses. For detailed information please contact the Academic Services Department at your nearest HCT campus