Business & Industry

Since its inception in 1988, HCT has gained a reputation for innovative and job-focused, experiential learning, offering cutting-edge programs and certifications which are all relevant to the UAE’s fast growing and evolving economic sectors. As such, HCT has maintained a focus on meeting the needs of the UAE economy and community, while simultaneously meeting international benchmarks and accreditation standards.

HCT has achieved its reputation as a leading applied higher education institution due to it establishing active and dynamic links, collaborations and relationships with major companies and organizations in the UAE, as well as many of the world’s leading universities and organizations.

All HCT programs are designed in consultation with business and industry leaders to ensure they are of the highest quality and that the skills students obtain are career-oriented and to the highest standards. The programs are constantly monitored to ensure they are at the cutting edge of industry standards and best practices. HCT courses are an innovative, hybrid blend of academic studies and work-relevant programs, ensuring that HCT graduates have the necessary 21st century skills to make positive contributions to the UAE workforce.

HCT graduates have developed a reputation for their technical, work-ready and communications skills and for their adaptability to actual workplace conditions. Consequently, they are eagerly sought by organizations and entities in all sectors of the UAE economy, looking to build their workforce with young Emiratis who are capable of operating effectively in today’s global business environment.

HCT’s continued emphasis on the business and industry sectors sees it maintaining a focus on the areas of Employability & Industry Engagement, Procurement and Contracts and Vendor Management in its daily operations.