Employing HCT Graduates

Since their first entry into the labor market in 1992 HCT graduates have earned a well deserved reputation as highly motivated, skilled and productive work-ready employees. In addition, as part of their courses HCT students undertake a period of work experience with a variety of businesses, government bodies, institutions and corporations relevant to the program in which they are studying. Each year HCT places thousands of students in challenging and rewarding positions in government, private and corporate institutions. Placements are either four weeks or eight weeks in length depending on the program of study in which the student is enrolled.

Work experience helps students to develop their personal work ethic, experience a team environment; investigate the employment market and make their career choice; and prepare them for an active role in the UAE workplace.

Work experience also helps strengthen the relationship between the HCT and the employers to the benefit of both parties, allowing employers to:

  • see for themselves the quality and abilities of HCT students as prospective employees, and
  • provide feedback on the quality of the HCT’s programs.

By forging strong links to various industry, institutional and business partners, the HCT is able to ensure that some of its students are given the opportunity to undertake sponsored programs and courses. This means that once the students graduate they are able to undertake employment opportunities within their sponsoring organization. This is particularly relevant for Engineering students.