Ruwais campuses

The HCT- Al Dhafrah, Ruwais Women’s campus (RWW) was inaugurated in 2008 in the Western Region town of Ruwais as a sister college to the HCT-Madinat Zayed campuses. It offers a similar range of courses to the Madinat Zayed campuses. Which cover a range of fields in the Faculties of Engineering, and Business.

It was established to reduce travel time for students living in more distant locations who are keen to undertake post-secondary studies. The college is therefore ideally situated to serve students from Ruwais, Sila, Ghayathi and surrounding towns.

The HCT-Ruwais Men’s campus (RWM) was opened in 2009 to meet the growing demand for evening courses to support the many National employees in the petrochemical industries of Al Dhafrah, who wanted to further their studies and gain Diploma, Higher Diploma and Bachelor degrees.

The newest addition to the Ruwais Campus was the new Engineering block which was opened on 2018. The building contains state-of-art classrooms and equipped laps to help students excel and be prepared with the latest technology in their fields.

Mr. Taleb Obaid
Year Opened

Men’s Campus

Faculty Degree
Business Accounting
Engineering Technology & Science Electrical Engineering Technology
Chemical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Women’s Campus


Faculty Degree
Business Accounting
Quality Management
Human resources Management
Engineering Technology & Science Chemical Engineering Technology
Electrical Engineering Technology

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