MyHCT – The Determined Ones Application

Student Services – Provide the Requirements of Special Needs Students

Allows the determined ones and special needs people to apply for temporary or permanent needs accommodation in the areas of Learning needs, Examination needs, campus facilities needs or other Supplementary Aid needs accommodations.
This service is provided free of charge
  1. Click on Start Service to access the service.
  2. User will be prompted to login, if not already logged in to HCT Portal.
  3. For Two Factor Authentication Preference-enabled students/staff, they will be requested to answer a set of security questions.
  4. Successful login will proceed to the service.
  5. Fill online application.
  6. Attach Required documents.
  7. Apply.
  8. Track your application status.
For any further inquiries related to e-services you can contact us on:

A recent medical report/certificate from a licensed, qualified professional not older than two years.

Note: Documents can be acquired from Licensed Medical Practitioners, speech, language therapists, clinical or educational psychologists.

Student medical Documents should be validated and approved by Student counselor.
Application Approval will be granted by concerned authorities based on availability of required resources and priority of the applications.
GOAL 3 (Good Health and Well Being)
3-10 working days
Throughout the year

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