MyHCT – The Determined Ones Application – FAQ

What is MYHCT the determined ones needs application?

HCT is now launching a new E-Service where special needs students can themselves request for any special accommodation required during your academic study period. To be able to submit this, follow the instructions provided in the below sections.

What all areas of the determined services I can apply for?

The determined ones can apply in four different areas for their needs accommodation

  • Learning need during the semester
  • Examination needs
  • Supplementary aid needs
  • Campus Facilities needs

Who can guide me to the correct use of the application?

Its recommend to visit your campus student counsellor before applying online to be better oriented towards your type of needs which can be accommodated.

What special need features are enabled on the application?

The screen has following special features enabled that can be used.

  1. The entire screen can be changed to have a black and white layout.
  2. There is an icon that can be used to listen to the text on the screen.
  3. Zoom in and Zoom out features.
  4. Arabic language enabled.

How can I review the status of my request?

After the submission you will receive a confirmation email of successful submission of your request. Then you can login to your portal and click on the determined ones needs accommodation and at the bottom of the page find the status of your submitted requests.