MyHCT – Online Registration Application – FAQ

What is registration pin?

  • All student will receive a registration pin after the academic advising session with their academic advisors.
  • The registration pin will allow the student to proceed with online registration since the system will check your registration time eligibility
  • The registration Pin is 6 digits (i.e. 123456), it is different than your portal password.
  • Registration pin is used once in a term, it cannot be used to register for other terms.
  • Keep your alternative pin in a safe place. Do not share your HCT registration pin with any one.
  • If you didn’t receive or forget you Pin, please contact your advisor or Academic services at your campus.


How can I locate my required courses in online registration?

Online registration allows you to list your required courses in following three ways.

  • Add the CRN manually
  • Lookup classes to register
  • Use the advanced search to lookup classes to register


Why do I need to confirm my registration?

  • You’ll be asked to confirm your registration once the term started, to check if you pass the pre-requisites of the registered courses.
  • If you do not confirm your registration at the beginning of the term, your registration will be cancelled automatically.


How early registration is opened for students at different stages

HCT early online registration will open for students in stages and according to their level of seniority as follows

  • First HCT Students who completed %75 or more from their Academic Program requirements.
  • Second HCT Students who completed %50 or more from their Academic Program requirements.
  • Third HCT Students who completed %25 or more from their Academic Program requirements.
  • Fourth HCT Students who completed less than %25 from their Academic Program requirements.
  • Fifth All HCT Students will have access to online registration


What all reasons can cause registration restrictions?

Following reasons can restrict a student’s registration to a course.

Registration restrictions:

  • Campus restriction: If a student is not allowed to register for a course of another Campus.
  • Program Restrictions: If student tries to register a course other than the his/her program plan.

Issue that prevent registration:

  • Time Conflict: Two or more of the CRNs have conflicting meeting times, Banner will till you the registered CRN which have the same time of the new CRN you are trying to Add
  • Pre–Req or Test Score Error: Student is registering a CRN while not passing its pre-requisite. Pre-requisite can be a course or a test score.
  • Student Workload Exceeds Max. Hours: If student tried to register more credit hours, which exceeds the student Workload in a semester
  • Closed Section: This section is full, there are no seats left. Please choose another section that has seats available
  • Duplicate CRN: If the student is trying to register on same course twice