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Prepare for and provide practical field training required to complete specialized programme requirements

Mehnaty Portal is dedicated career site where HCT students and alumni can create a professional online CV and cover letter, upload an existing CV, search and apply for jobs directly online, and manage their job search process from their own laptop. The portal has been developed in partnership with – the leading online recruitment site in the Arab World – and offers employment and internship opportunities – many of which are specific for HCT students and grads – with organizations across the UAE.

Students, Employers & Career Staff
This service is provided free of charge
  1. Click on Start Service to access the service.
  2. User will be prompted to login, if not already logged in to HCT Portal.
  3. For Two Factor Authentication Preference-enabled students/staff, they will be requested to answer a set of security questions.
  4. Successful login will proceed to the service.
  5. Students can create and submit their CV’s
  6. Students can search for jobs
  7. Students can apply for jobs
  8. Students can track their applications
Contact Service Desk to report issues about this service:

  • Phone 02 6922 444
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