Password Management

The Password Management Service can be used by HCT students and staff if they have forgotten their password or want to change the password. A registered mobile number is required to send the new password via SMS to the user.
Staff and Students
This service is provided free of charge
  1. Click on Start Service to access the service.
  2. User has 2 options : Forgot Password OR Change Password
  3. User will be prompted to enter login ID and click on ‘Request Password’ for the ‘Forgot Password’ option.
  4. User will be prompted to enter current password and new password, with confirmation of new password for the ‘Change Password’ option.
  5. The new password will be send to registered mobile no. via SMS.
Contact Service Desk to report issues about this service:

  • Phone 02 6922 444
  • Email:
For any further inquiries related to e-services you can contact us on:

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