Emergency Management

HCT has identified emergency management and preparedness procedures within the EHS management system. The below procedure, HCT/EHS/SP-006, ensures that:

  • All employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities assigned within this procedure.
  • All members of the emergency response team have received suitable certified training to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.
  • Spill control facilities are provided at storage areas for hazardous substances.
  • Fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are provided, inspected, serviced regularly and fit for their intended purpose.
  • Testing of alarm devices are done bi-monthly.
  • The emergency and evacuation procedures are communicated with all employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

Download Emergency Management Procedure [HCT/EHS/SP-006]

As per HCT/EHS/SP-006, when a person becomes aware of an emergency (or potential emergency), the following steps shall be taken:

  • Employees Roles During Emergencies:-
    • Works in a safe manner and report any unsafe act and condition.
    • Report any emergency to the emergency response team.
    • Activate the alarm (as required).
    • Report any disturbance to normal working hours to emergency management team