Emergency Management

HCT has identified emergency management and preparedness procedures within the EHS management system. The below procedure, HCT/EHS/SP-006, ensures that:

  • All employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities assigned within this procedure.
  • All members of the emergency response team have received suitable certified training to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.
  • Spill control facilities are provided at storage areas for hazardous substances.
  • Fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are provided, inspected, serviced regularly and fit for their intended purpose.
  • Testing of alarm devices are done bi-monthly.
  • The emergency and evacuation procedures are communicated with all employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

Download Emergency Management Procedure [HCT/EHS/SP-006]

As per HCT/EHS/SP-006, when a person becomes aware of an emergency (or potential emergency), the following steps shall be taken:

  • The person discovering the emergency within the campus must:
    • Activate the alarm, in case of fire only.
    • Immediately notify the EMT or contact the campus emergency number to assign the emergency level and direct emergency operations.
    • Provide a concise incident report consisting of the following information:
      • Incident type (fire, explosion, medical emergency, chemical spill, etc.)
      • Incident location.
      • Persons injured or affected (number, location, type of injury/impact).
      • His name, location, means of communication (phone number he is calling from, radio channel, pager number, etc.).

For all incidents involving potential release of hazardous materials, follow the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information during the emergency response actions.