Student EHS Guide

HCT has a standardized EHS procedures for all its students while on Campus, which should be strictly adhere to ensure the Health, Well-being and Safety of all occupants and users whilst at HCT Campus. Student should abide with the following Rules at the Campus:

Emergency Management

Students are encouraged to follow the appropriate evacuation instructions from the campus emergency response team during an evacuation drill. Evacuation maps are posted in all areas identifying emergency contact numbers, locations of the nearest fire extinguisher/fire hose, evacuation routes, as well as assembly points.

Download Emergency Management Procedure- HCT/EHS/SP‐006 PDF

EHS Signage

All HCT campuses are equipped with appropriate safety signage identifying exit routes, assembly points in case of an evacuation as well as various warning, prohibition and mandatory signs. All campuses are equipped with first aid kits and a clinic.

Download EHS Signs and Signals

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

All HCT labs are equipped with the required PPE’s and laboratory technicians/instructors as well as lab safety officer are responsible to ensure that no class may proceed without wearing adequate PPE as per HCT/EHS/OP-002.

Download Personal Protective Equipment – HCT/EHS/OP-002 PDF

Students are required to follow the labs safety manuals and guidelines