Visitors Guide

All Visitors shall ensure utmost compliance to the EHS and Security Rules whilst at the campus. Visitors are encouraged to comply with safety protocols and instructions as well as to stay informed with EHS procedures in-place as follows:

  • All visitors must report to the campus Security Check point.
  • Show your ID to be handed over an access pass to the Campus.
  • All visitors should wear a visitors ID badge and be accompanied during their visit with a HCT or security staff.
  • Visitors are encouraged to follow all safety signage indicating nearest exit routes and assembly points.
  • Visitors should be comply with the speed limits at the Campus.

As a Visitor we welcome your feedback :-

  • Any Near-miss
  • Any Accident / Incident
  • Any Unsafe Act / Unsafe Condition

Kindly report any of the above to one of the following:-

  • Security Office
  • Reception
  • EHS Office