Role and Objectives of Programs & Curricula Department

Programs and Curricula Department (PCD) is responsible for academic programs and curriculum development and processing, academic quality assurance, periodic program reviews, and learning outcomes assessment in accordance with HCT policies and procedures. In particular the Department oversees the creation of new academic programs, the modifications to established academic programs in total alignment of HCTV 2.0 new Curriculum Framework. Assessing the quality of academic programs at HCT therefore it is based on three well-defined internal process that cover:

(i) approval of new degree programs,

(ii) periodic review of degree programs; and

(iii) assessment of student learning outcomes.

While the ultimate goal of Programs & Curricula Department is to establish, monitor and support an effective, sustainable process of continuous program improvement that enhances student learning at HCT, the department works also to accomplish the following two objectives:

  • To stimulate the performance of academic programs and to encourage innovative approaches to address problems and issues relating to the realization of HCT2.0 new curriculum framework.
  • To identify important lessons learned and best-management practices in performance of HCT programs as a whole, and make recommendations for developing of future programs.

The Department works closely with all Academic Executive Deans and Executive Dean of Teaching and Learning, in all matters related to planning and evaluation of programs and curriculum in additions to matters that relate to faculty professional development. In his capacity, the Assistant DVC-Programs & Curricula (who leads and manages PCD) works closely with designated representatives of the academic divisions/campuses on the two system-wide committees that oversee all matters related to Curriculum Affairs and Program Quality Assurance: Program Development and Change Committee and Program Quality Review Committee

The Department is also responsible for reviewing and recommending updates to HCT policies and procedures related to academic programs, coordinating and maintaining the academic update of the course catalogue with the EDs, and the Registrar’s Office.

The following two documents illustrate the working and modeling strategies that define PCD’s approach to accomplish its goals: