The objective of the Programs & Curricula Website (P&CW) is to work as a platform for engaging faculty, staff, and administrators in an effective, sustainable process of continuous program improvement that enhances student learning at HCT.

As HCT continues to move forward with respect to program outcomes assessment processes and systematic practices, we are now able to focus on strengthening the support for assessment.

This site provides diverse and rich resources for programs to foster a more cohesive and natural connection between curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In addition, our emphasis is on supporting programs to implement assessment plans and analyze and use the results for program improvement. The underlying principle in constructing and maintain this website is that program assessment should not be viewed as a reaction to demands for accountability, but as a continuous source of knowledge for institutional improvement. Furthermore it satisfies the standard of academic transparency which now becomes a requirement by all major local and international accrediting agencies.

Major Components of the Website

  • Best Program Assessment Practices – provides short instructive case studies to develop a better understanding of what “good work” looks like.
  • Assessment Highlights – interesting brainstorming issues related to program and curriculum planning and evaluation to help start further discussions and actions at both institutional and divisional levels.
  • Presentations – a collections of internal presentations that are delivered inside or outside HCT with direct relevance to program and curriculum issues.
  • Resource Library – a knowledge-base that contains a diverse and rich variety of program and curriculum assessment information that include articles, presentations, reports, and useful websites.
  • Discussion Forum – an open and interactive discussion forum that allows (ID and password required) HCT academic community to share experiences and ideas, discuss challenges and celebrate achievements.
  • Templates and Forms – to facilitate standardization of different processes and ensure uniform level of quality.
  • Program Performance Indicators (ID and password required) to evaluate the academic ‘health” of programs and provides benchmark for trend comparisons.
  • Divisional and Program Assessment plans and Reports (ID and password required)