About the Program

The Professional Careers Program (PCP) is an option for many UAE National students to continue their studies, by developing the practical skills and knowledge needed in a business environment, both at entry level and for potential progression to higher level professional qualifications. The program has been designed to embed internationally recognized qualifications from a well-reputed international awarding body in order to enhance the program’s recognition by employers.

Study in the PCP will last for approximately 10 months and, upon successful completion, as well as attaining the HCT ‘INJAZ Certificate of Business’, students will receive international certificates including an ‘Employability Skills Award’ and a Level 3 ‘Diploma in Skills for Business’ Certificate, from NCFE, the international awarding body associated with this program.

In addition to partnering with international bodies, HCT works to enhance industry partnerships enabling students to access structured work placements, with the aim to ultimately convert to full-time employment.

The Professional Careers Program, leading to a ‘INJAZ Certificate of Business’, aims to provide graduates with access to suitable entry level positions in a range of different business settings whilst developing a broad business skills base from which to advance to higher level specialist professional qualifications. In taking this program students will be provided with:

  • The basic knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively as part of a team within a general business environment
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to underpin progress onto a higher level specialist professional qualification (subject to meeting any entry requirements).
  • Valuable employability skills which they can then apply in suitable entry level positions within the industry they chose to work.
  • The tools necessary to enable students to take responsibility for their own learning.