The Education Division’s programmes offer students one of the most rewarding careers and an opportunity to shape the future of their country. Prepared with up-to-date knowledge of educational theory, HCT Education students practise the skills they have learned at their college in actual classroom situations and other learning environments throughout the programmes. This hands-on approach to learning gives students the teaching skills they need to excel in their future careers.

Graduates of the HCT Education programmes contribute effectively to the quality of teaching and learning in UAE schools, early learning centers and other educational settings through:

  • The use of interactive, authentic, constructive and integrated approaches to teaching, learning and assessment
  • A deep, theoretical understanding of learning processes
  • The development of excellent, practical teaching skills through extensive experiences in classrooms, supported by effective mentors; and a commitment to continuous improvement through reflective practice
  • The development of the skills, knowledge and aptitude to contribute to future changes and improvements to curriculum and educational practice in the UAE

Bachelor of Education Degree specialisations from Year 2 include:

  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) – This programme aims to produce graduates with the knowledge, skills and attributes to provide care and education for young children at an international standard in a variety of Early Childhood Education settings.
  • Bachelor of Education (English Language Teaching in Schools) – This aims to produce specialist English teachers qualified to teach in UAE schools at all levels.
  • Bachelor of Education (Educational Technology) – This aims to produce graduates skilled in the instructional and educational use of ICTs in a variety of educational settings including UAE schools, and the integration of technology into learning and teaching.
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary) – This aims to produce graduates qualified to teach English, Mathematics and Science in the medium of English in UAE primary schools.

The HCT’s teacher education programmes were developed specifically for the UAE’s teaching needs and place a strong emphasis on the dialectical relationship between ongoing school-based experience and theoretical knowledge. The B.Ed English Language Teaching in Schools and Early Childhood Education programmes are benchmarked with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

The close relationship with the University of Melbourne, one of the world’s leading universities, is highly valued by HCT faculty and students, and is a key driver for programme quality and consistency; benchmarking the HCT B.Ed to international best practice standards.