Program Learning Outcomes

The Program Learning Outcomes of General Studies mirrors the HCT Graduate Outcomes and are an integral part of each program division.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Comprehend and express concepts in English or Arabic in oral, written, and digital formats
  • Collect, analyze, interpret and report qualitative and quantitative data effectively at a basic level
  • develop decision making processes that incorporate critical and creative problem-solving skills
  • work effectively in teams and independently understanding strategies that promote healthy dialog and discussion among people from different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds
  • identify and devise creative solutions to address potential future challenges students may face in their educational experience, career, and life
  • identify areas for personal, academic, and professional growth and development and self-access means for improving identified areas
  • Reflect on the attitudes and beliefs relevant to individual and social choices and actions.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of mathematics and its application in various contexts.