General Studies

Consistent with the Mission Statement and the Learning Model of the Higher Colleges of Technology, with its emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning, General Studies provides all students with a core curriculum that is designed to:

  • Allow them to communicate effectively in Arabic and English
  • Increase their critical understanding of themselves and their society
  • Thrive in a world that is marked by diversity, change, and complexity

These goals are achieved through a cross-curricula approach that challenges students to reflect and develop holistically by providing them with continual Learning by Doing opportunities that broaden their global perspective, critical thinking, problem-solving and information synthesis skills in preparation for the knowledge economy of the 21st Century in line with the UAE Vision 2021.

The General Studies Division offers courses covering the categories of Humanities or Arts; English, Arabic or other languages; Information Technology or Mathematics; the Natural Sciences and the Social Sciences or Behavioural Sciences. Courses are offered using a multi-disciplinary approach that promotes collaborative work and hands-on, practical learning.