To achieve the three strategic themes of ‘No Emiratis Left Behind’, ‘Technical Leaders’ and ‘Graduate Companies’ a robust infrastructure of people, technology, resources, support services and governance is necessary.

Attracting and retaining the right academic and administration staff to manage and deliver the HCT 4.0 strategy is vital to its success.

Our education technology and general digital platforms are already providing electronic facilities that encourages personalized learning and a student- centered approach to teaching.

As the largest tertiary education institution in the UAE, we have significant physical and material resources to establish applied research and innovation ecosystems in partnership with industry partners and other international Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).


With 16 campuses spread across the country in each Emirate, we have developed systematic and consistent operations to ensure standardized provision of services system-wide. And appropriate oversight and controls are in place to monitor and manage risks as we evolve the organization into the exciting future offered by the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Key Strategic interventions (SI) in the Enablers are:

Senior Management Leadership Development Program: The establishment of an in-house Competency Assessment Center with eLearning to develop all current and future senior leaders of the organization with standardized leadership and management skills and competencies

Digital Campus: Implement and establish state of the art on premise Big Data environment where HCT can utilize the Data Lake, Advance Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Science and Artificial Intelligence capabilities with modern technologies and industry standard best practices

Building Employees Innovation Capabilities: Innovation training for employees; deploying an Innovation Management System

SO Quality Management: Establishing an ISO-compliant Quality Management Framework and processes system-wide