No Emiratis Left Behind

Adhering to the UAE leadership’s vision, HCT is uniquely placed, as a national institution, to provide every Emirati with lifelong learning opportunities based on customized education plans that suit and develop their personal skills.

This approach is in keeping with national strategies and the Dubai 50-year Charter, relating to human capacity development and economic growth.

Leveraging its growing reputation as a leading applied higher education institution, HCT will continue to develop and promote its talent through an integrated student-centered learning ecosystem. It will be ecosystem that gives every student access to the best academic practices, programs and curricula, and on-going advice and support, through structured learning and career pathways which will guarantee success in the workplace.


HCT will endeavor to provide opportunities for all Emirati learners at any stage of their career and life-long learning journey, through its wide array of program offerings, applied and professional track offerings, short programs, diplomas, higher diplomas, and bachelor degrees.

Key strategic interventions targeting ‘No Emirati Left Behind’ are:

Creation of an Active Alumni community program aimed at enhancing our trust in the communities we serve and our external stakeholders.

Holistic approach to Student at Risk aimed at improving our retention rate by providing students with much needed innovative support for success.

SHORAK for student engagement making every students’ experience at HCT a positive one and an advocate for life.

Graduate employability ranking aimed at raising our local, regional, and international profile as a lead institution in the country and region.