Technical Leaders

The implications of emerging technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) are that there is a growing demand for new skills and competencies required for strategic economic sectors in the UAE. To meet the need for new skills, the aim is to build an inclusive and competitive knowledge-based economy.

In addition, the UAE Employment Strategy highlights the need for a lifelong learning framework to reskill those with at-risk jobs, as well as an increased focus on private sector employment, particularly for females.

Therefore, a new, life-long learning culture is required to respond to the fast and flexible acquisition of skills needed now and in the future, to support leading economic growth sectors.

HCT has taken on the challenge by refocusing its attention on employability and competency based education, particularly for ‘New Collar’ workers, in collaboration with the private sector


and government authorities, and offering specific up-skilling and re-skilling programs.

The patterns shaping higher education indicate that pure academic qualifications will be insufficient to meet the demands of the workplace, and that graduates will need to be able to demonstrate to employers applied skills and competencies through a broad range of micro-credentials.

Key Strategic interventions (SI) targeting ‘Technical Leaders’ are:

Careers Exploration Centers through certified career advisors HCT will ensure that students prior to graduation understand the connection between education and work. This ‘mind-shift’ and support to students will eventually lead to graduate employability in the private sector.

Sector Skills Academies will be established with the immediate focus on two viz. Logistics and Retail. These academies will offer tailor made qualifications to reskill and upskill mid-career Emiratis.

Youth Leadership Program that is innovative and tailor-made to equip youth with leadership skills, prepare them to take initiative, become diligent and responsible, ambitious, and open to other cultures.

Private Sector Employment and Sponsorship Campaign focuses on the development of a UAE SkillsFuture Framework that will facilitate employment in the private sector and entrepreneurship opportunities for students and ensure that students and alumni have the right employability skills and competences as required by the private sector for life-long learning and a growing inclusive and competitive knowledge economy.