Graduating Companies

Graduating Companies

The knowledge economy is defined as an ecosystem in which the use of knowledge is the key enabler of higher productivity and growth in all industries. Economic success is based on effective use of non-material assets, such as knowledge, skills and potential for innovation, as key sources of competitive advantage.

To this end, HCT has built three fully equipped Innovation Spaces in three campuses, with the aim of implementing others across the HCT system.

This initiative is also in accordance with the Dubai 50-Year Charter, which stipulates that all universities are to become economic and creative free zones to support research and enable the graduation of companies created by students.

Consequently, HCT is well placed as an innovation driver to promote and develop an innovative, entrepreneurial culture through incubation; funding startups; applied research and innovation in collaboration with industry; and government and its international universities network, aimed at solving economic and social challenges.