Career Centres

To assist students to take advantage of emerging opportunities within the UAE and the Gulf region, most HCT colleges have established Career Centres staffed by specialists in career management and counselling, who place strong emphasis on career development in a constantly changing, global workforce. The centres:

  • Assist students to make informed career decisions, and provide career assessment opportunities
  • Provide one-on-one counselling to help students match their interests with suitable careers
  • Assist students in the search for employment, acting as liaison between employers, graduates and students
  • Build relationships between the HCT, employers and business communities
  • Organise career fairs and other career-centred events, including summer orientation sessions for high school students
  • Provide Career Resource Centre libraries and student-focused workshops on topics such as Career Planning and Development Techniques, Developing a Positive Professional Attitude, CV and Resume Writing Techniques, and Job Interview Techniques
  • Research alumni and graduate interests
  • Provide a Graduate Job Posting website on the Internet where employers seeking HCT graduates can post jobs available in their organisations.

For more information on HCT’s Career Centres, refer to your local college.