Work Experience

Work experience helps students to develop their personal work ethic, to investigate the employment market and make informed career choices, and prepares them for an active role in the UAE work place.

It ensures that HCT students are:

  • Well-placed to take advantage of the growing number of graduate opportunities available within the UAE, and,
  • Possessed of the necessary skills and experience to become significant contributors in building the UAE’s workforce.

All HCT programmes feature a work experience course of at least four weeks.  To graduate from any HCT programme, students must satisfactorily complete a period of work experience as specified by their programme. During work experience students should:

  • Take advantage of the opportunities given to them to learn, practise and gain an understanding of the practical applications learned in the classroom
  • Take the knowledge they have gained from work placement back to the classroom to enhance and motivate further learning
  • Be aware of and practise the professional ethics that are required in the world of work, and
  • Think about directions and opportunities in their future careers

 International Work Placement

Work experience placements are normally within the UAE.  However there are a variety of work experience opportunities for HCT students to gain international experience in many programmes.  Such opportunities are promoted by the HCT as valuable preparation for the workforce in view of the UAE’s unique position on the international scene.  International work placement opportunities include language training, attendance at conferences and study tours to a range of countries around the world.

Visit your work experience departments at your college to see what is on offer.  Here are just a few of the exciting opportunities that could be in store for you:

  • English language training with work experience
  • International certification of your work experience
  • Attendance at international conferences
  • Gaining international best practices in your field of study
  • Experiencing different cultures
  • Other international opportunities