About the Technical Studies Department

The Technical Studies Department is responsible for a series of programmes designed to prepare learners for entry-level positions in the workplace.  The Department works closely with industry stakeholders and representatives to ensure that the programme content is relevant to the chosen career pathway.  The Department has gained approval from an International Awarding Body – NCFE – to offer its qualifications as part of the programme and therefore assure the quality of the courses offered.

Technical Education and Training

Technical Education and Training is a combination of classroom learning and work experience. Students in a technical education programme will be fully prepared for an exciting and rewarding career, as they develop the knowledge and skills that employers are looking for in their workforce.

About the Technical Studies Programme

The Technical Studies Programme is an HCT initiative designed to provide students with the practical skills and knowledge that are valued by employers.  The programme relies on learning through practical experience – focusing on the skills that employers look for when recruiting employees.  In addition to the job-related skills and knowledge, HCT has embedded key employability skills within the programme so that graduates have insight into what an employer expects of new employees in their organizations.

International Certification

For its business-related subjects, the HCT has obtained authorization to offer qualifications from an international awarding body called NCFE. This means the programme includes qualifications awarded by NCFE, and graduates receive an International Certificate for each of the NCFE qualifications they achieve as part of the programme.