The HCT's extensive range of innovative and workplace-relevant programmes mix theory with practice in a Learning by Doing philosophy, and are developed in consultation with leading UAE corporate and governmental employers.

All HCT programmes and courses are delivered in English and are regularly reviewed to ensure they are at the cutting edge of industry standards and technological change. HCT offers a wide range of Applied Diploma, Bachelor and Master programmes. Each of the seven core academic Faculties is led by an Executive Dean, who brings to the position a wide range of educational and managerial skills and expertise to ensure the programmes are operating at optimal levels. Students may be required to complete a Foundation Year prior to entering their chosen programme major. The academic programmes are as follows.

Applied Communications

The Applied Communications Faculty provides a student-centred and project-based blended learning environment where practical project work is supported by theoretical knowledge.


The Business Faculty programmes provide UAE with superior graduates capable of assuming challenging and key positions requiring business expertise and skills needed in a rapidly evolving society.

Computer Information Science

The CIS Faculty provides future-focused programmes that prepare students for the dynamic information systems and technology sectors of the UAE.


The Education Faculty offers Bachelor degree programmes in one of the most rewarding careers in the world – Education.

Engineering Technology & Science

The Engineering Technology Faculty programmes prepare students to take up challenging and critical positions requiring technical expertise in a modern and evolving world.

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Faculty offers a broad range of Health Sciences programmes at Bachelor Degree level, all designed to provide graduates with the skills needed to succeed in this challenging and rewarding field.


The Foundation Studies Programme supports students needing assistance in meeting Bachelor degree programme admission criteria.

General Studies

The General Studies Faculty offers courses covering broad areas of knowledge that promotes collaborative work and Learning by Doing.

Graduate Studies

The HCT School of Graduate Studies offers highly flexible masters programmes tailored to suit working professionals looking for professional education at an advanced level.